A quick and colourful way to learn a dressage test


Let’s face it, whether you have to ride your test be memory in a show or not, it really helps to know your test!



North Coast equestrian Belinda Weyer, who recently judged at a Redwoods dressage show, shared a very useful tip on learning your test, the visual of which you can check out here – prelim-4-example.

For most of us, being able to actually visualise the arena and the movements is much easier than remembering the test as per the wording.



Belinda says by breaking the test up into parts and using colours to define them, as well as dots and dashes for lengthens/collections etc, you can remember your test a lot more easily.

She says she learnt the method from someone at a show ages ago, and has never looked back.



“I’m a visual sort of person – so I can learn a test much faster like this. I keep it simple,” says Belinda.



Often there are no kind souls around to call a test for you when practicing before a show, which this method will also help you with. Just learn the thing, using this simple method, then you are independent!