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Livery Contract Annexure2.rules

Livery Contract Annexure 1.fees

Livery Contract ANNEXURE 3.indemnity

Livery Contract



Redwoods Dressage afternoon 2017:


Redwoods dressage show2017

Tips sheet:

Helpful tips for riding a dressage test

Dressage arena layout – kids and adults

Pony riders tests:

2010 DSA Pony Riders Preliminary 1 2010

DSA Pony Riders Preliminary 2

Walk/trot tests:

Walk and Trot Class 1 2011 (total change)

Walk and Trot Class 2 2011

Adult Prelim tests:

2013 DSA Preliminary 1

2013 DSA Preliminary 3

Adult Novice tests:

2010 DSA Novice 2 2016 DSA Novice 1

2010 DSA Novice 2

Redwoods end of year jumping show 2017