Newsletter – January 2018


Dear Redwoods riders


I cannot believe we are looking down the barrel of a brand-new year already… Redwoods wishes all our patrons all the best for your riding goals and dreams this year – may it be your best riding year yet!

As usual it has been ages since I have found a moment to do a newsletter, but what time is best than right at the beginning of the year?


  • Last year ended off very well with our little dressage show in November, the end of year jumping show and of course the summer pony camp in December. There were a lot more thrills than spills in all these events, which is always a win! I feel these events really pushed our young riders forward, showing them what they are made of, as having a goal tends to do. Thus, I really encourage riders to continue to participate in our events in the year to come. The more information one can gather and the more show practice one gets the better. A big thank you again to all our helpers for making these events a hit.


  • We have had quite a few new leases put in place over the holidays, which is very exciting for our young riders. Congratulations to Errin on half leasing Boston, Annabel on half leasing Lego, Cailyn on half leasing Legacy for Jan and hopefully beyond, and last but not least, Cameron on full leasing Bliss. This last will mean Bliss will no longer be used in the school for other riders for the most part, and we are so happy that she will have just one person to love and play with her in her older years. We have had Bliss since she was four, and she is now about 25, so she has certainly earned her riding school colours, and a well-deserved semi-retirement.


  • We still have some half leases on horses available, including on our darling Ado, so speak to us if you are thinking of leasing. It is a wonderful way of spending more time with and creating a bond with a horse, and the learning opportunity and room for rider development is exceptional.


  • We also welcomed Tatum and the gorgeous filly Saratoga Gucci to the yard on New Year’s eve. Gucci is only one year old – a record youngest we have ever had at the yard! We wish you all the best and many hours of fun horsey time, Tatum.


  • We had a bumper 2017 festive season, with out ride bookings being the at their highest. A big thank you to our regular riders for supporting us by bringing your friends and family to ride, this truly helped to make the season the success that it was. A big thank you to the angelic Ingrid Botha for volunteering at the yard over the hols and assisting with so many of the rides – you are amazing!


  • We have made connections with a couple of very good natural horsemanship experts in the last year and will be hosting workshops and demos to be done by them in the coming months, so do keep an eye out for those. Also let us know if anyone would like a private lesson with one of these instructors and we will give you their contact details.


  • After a long break from lessons, we started again from the week of 15 Jan. Please do let me know if you need to change riding days from last year’s schedule once you know what the school latest schedule is. We do have some new pupils starting, who we are looking forward to meeting.


  • We are looking at introducing a new concept or two this year. One being the development of an annual Redwoods team. There will need to be try outs and the most able and committed riders will make the team. Being part of the team will have certain benefits. It will also be a nice feather in your cap, and may well assist with those wanting to get sports bursaries etc. from school. Let us know if riders would be keen for something like this and we will keep you posted about the roll out of this concept. We will also be doing an end of year awards ceremony starting from this year to recognize our riders.


Some notes:

  • Please continue to use the parking at the back of the property. we are finding some people are still ignoring this rule and putting our dogs and children at risk. We will be working on creating more parking space in that zone soon.
  • Riders old and strong enough are expected to put away their tack neatly after their classes. Please ask us if you are not sure how something is stored or where it goes. Tack and horse care is a critical part of the riding experience.
  • Just a note on students’ personal belongings… in the last few months quite a few kids seem to be leaving riding equipment lying around, losing it etc. Kids will be kids, but it is very difficult for us to remember and keep track of everyone’s goodies. To ameliorate this problem, perhaps mums can label riding items so that if we or someone else finds them left somewhere we know who they belong to.

I think that is it for now, so happy riding until next time!



The Redwoods crew




Redwoods 2017 first quarter newsletter



Hello Redwoods crew

Gracious, once again it has been absolute ages since I got to a newsletter due to mass amounts of busy craziness, and there certainly is loads that has been and will be going on. This is a long one and there is some important stuff, so make some time, make yourself a delicious cup of coffee or tea and read on. –

What’s new:

I have decided to offer a unique new class, the 30 min lunge lesson, that can fit one of two requirements. It can take the form of a class where an instructor will lunge a person on one of our trained horses in order to improve fitness, correctness, suppleness and stability of the rider’s seat on the horse. With everything stemming from a good seat, this will be money and time invaluably spent on your riding journey. This will be suitable for any age group or level of riding – even the best of us need a little intensive work sometimes. The session can also be one where an instructor will teach the student (student will have to be more mature for this class) how to correctly and safely lunge a horse. Lunging has many benefits – one of the most important of which is exercising a fresh horse safely. Contact Shannon to discuss or book your spot.

In the rear view mirror:

  • Our Easter pony camp on 11 April was a huge success. We had some very young attendees this time and even they did not want to go home! We focus on learning about horses and horse care through fun. We will be trying to do a pony camp every school holiday due to the popularity of the event, and will keep you posted on dates.


  • Dutch equestrian and long-time Redwoods friend Louise van Calcar did a side-saddle demonstration of the re-emerging art of riding side saddle on 4 March 2017. It was fascinating, and the attendees had loads of fun getting to test out the technique for themselves. We hope to get Louise to do another demo in the future.



  • In February we had a visit from three Doringkop schools – 30 pupils in total – in order to select two candidates to learn to ride as part of our Shoe Shine sports development project. The children had a ball getting onto a horse, many for the very first time. It was extremely difficult to choose but choose we did. Many thanks to all who helped on the day. We are currently just struggling to arrange transport for the candidates, so if anyone has any ideas please do share. Please support this worthy cause and unique initiative either by volunteering your time, in donations of riding equipment or monetary contributions.


  • We attended our first dressage show of the year on 19 Feb and it was a hoot! The looming cyclone Dineo chased many competitors away so Ingrid Botha on Quiver and Mr H with Beryl Johnston on board had a great show and brought many rosettes home! We hope you will do many more shows this year, Ingrid.


  • We have welcomed a number of new students into the arena already this year, and Redwoods extends a warm welcome to you all. We wish you many happy hours of riding at our eccentric little yard.


  • Last year ended off very successfully with our jumping open/training day. Without the pressure of a show, everyone got to work on things they were struggling with, and didn’t have to stick to only doing one round. The model really worked to build confidence – as it was designed to do. A small portion of the proceeds also went towards our Shoe Shine sports development project.



Looking ahead:

Show calendar

On 13 May Oaklands Equestrian Estate in Umhlali will be having a jumping show.

There will also be a Top Hat dressage show on 7 May at Shongweni Club.

Let us know if you are interested in either of these events and we will give you the entry forms, costs etc.


Annual price increase –

From 1 May we will be putting our prices up as per our annual increase to keep up with inflated costs of horse feed etc. Redwoods is still very competitive in this department compared to other establishments. We aim to be able to make the sport as affordable as possible to make it more inclusive than exclusive.

Fees are as follows:


Half hour group lesson – R140

Half hour private lesson – R200

Hour group lesson – R200

Hour private lesson –  R260

Half hour lunge lesson – R200


R3700 per horse per month

R3200 per pony per month

Please discuss with us if you will need to re-sign the fees section of your livery contracts.

Horse lease

Half lease (3 days) – R1800 per month

Full lease (6/7 day, horse as your own) – R3600 per month

Some current lessees will thus need to renew their contracts. Please follow the link to find the form. Please fill in and sign and bring back to us before 1 May. –

Out rides and other

Out rides (holiday makers) – R300pp out of season, R370pp in season

Champagne breakfast out ride – R750pp

Photo shoots – R300 to R500 per hour depending on requirements


Horses for lease:

Redwoods currently has a few of our stunning horses available for half lease. These include Ado (Shayna has a busy term ahead and is unable to ride), Big Joey, Little Joey and Gala (hack). Let us know if you are interested.


Some notes:

  • Just a reminder that payment for the upcoming month’s lessons is due on the first of the month. If weather or other factors do not play along we will try our best to make up. Last minute (less than 24 hours) cancellation or no show on riders’ side will however result in a forfeit as staff still have to be remunerated for their time.


  • Please continue to use the parking at the back of the property, we are finding the safety aspect of this has much improved – i.e. no one tearing up the drive and running over our dogs and pupils anymore!


  • Riders old and strong enough are expected to put away their tack neatly after their classes. Please ask us if you are not sure how something is stored or where it goes. Tack and horse care is a critical part of the riding experience.


  • We are now going into winter and thus riders must properly cool off horses if they sweat heavily in the afternoon before putting them in the stables and feeding. It is recommended to wait at least half hour before feeding.

I could write reams more I am sure as never a dull moment on our little farm, but I think that is the gist of things. Happy riding until next time everyone!


The Redwoods team



Redwoods newsletter September 2016


Hi Redwoods family!

once again it has been a busy month on the farm, with our dressage workshop and show being one of the key focus areas for the month.

There are some exciting things coming up as well as the year winds down. –


The month in the rear view mirror:

  • The Redwoods dressage workshop and show went off very well indeed. We have noticed a huge step forward in the riding and confidence especially of those who attended both events – it is so, so exciting to see. We hope some of you will be aiming to get to dressage shows away now with your new-found skills!

A big thank you again to everyone who attended and helped. It was so fantastic to have the encouraging comments and feedback from our judge for the day, Belinda Weyer from Bellamont Stables in Umdloti, as well as having some competitors from Galloping Winds joining us. A big thank you also to Ingrid Botha again for calling tests for everyone! It was lovely to have Courtenay Botha down from Joburg for the workshop as well.

Tammy and Boyd Varty of Flower Power Veggies also provided sophisticated and delicious eats, including scrumptious ice cream made with mulberries from our very own trees. Definitely a winner, and on the cards for future events.

Ultimately, we would like to make this event a fixture in our calendar, and have a vision to eventually make it a sophisticated festival of dressage, wine and beer tasting as well as local art. One day!


  • The change of parking space we introduced last month – to the back near the stables – seems to be working quite well, with the odd person getting a bit confused! It is much safer to have vehicles on the new spot rather than having cars coming up the drive when lessons are in progress at the bottom arena. We thank you for assisting with making the adjustment.


  • African Horse sickness vaccinations have been done this month, the last batch this past Monday. So we still have a bit of time of quiet riding, not working up too much of a sweat, with our horses. For more info about this very serious virus, follow this quick link:


  • The new pony, Daydream Joey, was going great guns and gaining in popularity, but sadly got injured a couple of weeks ago. The vet says she will be absolutely fine and good to go again after a few weeks’ box rest. She has been an amazingly patient patient and we look forward to having her back on track soon.


  • Marina Claasens came for a visit this last month after a long trip overseas, and donated a whole bunch of feed and supplements for some of our older horses. A huge thank you for your kindness, Marina!



  • Jennifer Oosthuizen, as most of you will know as the Wild Stallion Saddlery lady, has just got herself a new horse off the track. We wish you many happy hours of riding and loving him, Jennifer!


  • A lady named Yolandie will be spending some time at the farm learning about how we work as she has a real passion for horses. She will be helping with lessons and mucking in wherever needed, mainly on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Great to have an extra pair of hands!


Looking out the wind shield:

  • N.B. – As for going forward, it is business as usual with lessons and out rides this month. However, we will be changing our payment model for lessons from 1 November 2016. To be in line with most other extracurricular activities and to better keep track of payments, we have decided to package lessons and thereby accept payment for all classes at the beginning of the month. So for example, if it is a five-week month and you or your child usually have one lesson a week, you will pay upfront for all the classes, by the first of each month. If you or your child miss a class for whatever reason, we will more than happily slot you in another day where possible to make up the missed session. We hope this will make for smoother and more efficient running of this side of things.


  • Shane and Shannon Hopkins will be taking part in, and assisting at, the two-day Galloping Winds Spring Dressage Show on 15 and 16 October. It is the first time we will be going to an affiliated dressage show right here on our doorstep (just outside Tongaat), and we are really excited to have the opportunity to do so. Great things seem to be happening for the North Coast with regard to equestrianism, we are looking forward to what the future holds!


  • There is also a dressage clinic and show coming up at Oaklands on 28 and 29 October, as well as a jumping show there in November. Let us know if anyone is keen to go and we will give you details.


  • As for our own events, the year is wrapping up quite quickly, so we will begin to work towards our annual end of year jumping show, to be held provisionally on 26 November, or in early December. We will confirm dates closer to the time, but you do not want to miss this, what with the amazing prizes we usually get for you! We will also be looking at having a summer pony camp, probably around 15 December, which will be the last day of riding lessons and tuition for the year, until about 10 January. All will be confirmed a bit closer to the time.


Some notes:

  • Just a reminder to try to contact us mainly between the hours of 7.30am and 5.30pm on weekdays, unless in case of emergency. We love you all to bits, but also do need time out in the evenings and on weekends!



I think that is all for now, but keep an eye on our Whatsapp groups and Facebook page for updates!

Have a great month J.


The Redwoods Team.






Redwoods Newsletter – August 2016


Hello all Redwoods riders

Another busy, mad, fun and educational month it has been here at the Stables! Have a read through the below to catch up on our news. –

Since last time:
– It looks like Redwoods will be getting a new pony soon! A little grey 13.2hh mare named Daydream Joey. She is a perfect size for our smaller children to learn on, and she even is trained to pull a carriage. We will circulate the pics as soon as she arrives.

– Marryn Mackridge recently started leasing Thunder, who she has been riding for some time now. Congratulations Marryn, we wish you many happy hours with him, and you will have to get him to a show!

– Shane and Shannon competed at the KZN Champs in July. Shane held her own with Steel, getting great marks in a very big, strong Prelim class, with the judges saying once Steel develops a bit more he will be incredible. I rode the EM with Legacy, doing flying changes for the first time in a show, and coming out fourth on both days. No rosettes this time but we were pretty chuffed with our well-behaved ponies!

– We have been promoting our out rides and Champagne breakfast rides a lot over the last few weeks and these have been going like a Boeing. We have had some wonderful comments about how visitors enjoyed their experience, especially about the conduct of the team and the quality of the horses. We are thrilled with this and aim to develop this section of the yard even further. If you have any guests coming to stay, this is a great and memorable entertainment option.

– We have also officially opened the farm up as a venue to photographers. The combination of the rustic outbuildings, horses, pathways and the colonial house make for unbelievable pics. The horses and facilities are available for R220 per hour. Do give us a shout if you are looking for a spot.

Going forward
– As of 1 September, Shannon will be taking over a lot of the co-ordination of the lessons, out rides, accounts, events etc, to give Shane a little more time to do what she loves – riding. I will be available mostly on the Redwoods line – 083 301 5532 or on email,
Rachel Janse van Vuuren will still be helping with lessons and out rides, as will Bianca Jones from time to time.

– N.B. Redwoods will be hosting a dressage clinic and Show soon. This event is at this stage is planned to be in two parts – a) a clinic day where you bring one test to ride and get critiqued on it and assisted with shortfalls (+-30 min), and b) the second a show where you ride tests for an external judge. The first, the clinic day, is proposed for Saturday 24 September and the second part, the show, for 2 October, all dependent on bookings and entries. Shannon Hopkins will be conducting the clinic day. Belinda Weyer from Bellamont (Umdloti) stables will be judging on Saturday 1 Oct. She is currently an Elementary Medium rider and judges at various shows, including Sanesa. The event is suitable for more advanced child riders as well as adults.
Tests available: Walk/trot 1&2; Prelim 1&3; Novice 1/2 or own test. Costs: R200 per rider for clinic. R100 per show class, R100 ground levy per rider. We already have some outsiders interested in this amazing opportunity to give you some game! See link here to event entry form document or give Shannon a shout on the above contact details for bookings and further info.
Just some notes
– When coming up for lessons, please try to avoid parking on the lawn wherever possible. We are trying to reestablish the garden there. You can park by the parking sign on the right hand side of the driveway. We are also currently working on moving the parking bay to a spot closer to the stables, whereby riders will come up the side road, also to give Shane and Liege a bit more privacy at the main house. We will keep you posted on this front.

– We seem to be going into an early spring and the weather is making a nuisance of itself where riding is concerned. We will be doing theory lessons on the days that are not conducive to riding. Please support these, as children will still stand to learn a lot – equestrianism is not just about riding, there is a ‘hidden iceberg’ amount of behind the scenes stuff. It is also a challenge to reschedule to suit everyone as most afternoons have scheduled lessons.

I think that is it for the moment! Keep an eye on our lesson Whatsapp groups and Facebook page for others news.

Happy riding!

The Redwoods Team



Redwoods newsletter – July 2016


Hi all Redwoods riders!


My word, I realised it has been ages since I got to a newsletter – it has been a hectic year so far!


So let’s see, what is new …


  • Redwoods will be having an end of holidays pony camp day next Thursday, 14 July! Learn about tack, grooming, have a lesson and play some fun horsey games. For kiddies 7 years and up with some experience with horses. From 8am to 4pm. R550 per person. Lunch included. Call 083 301 5532 or 079 517 6764 to book.


  • We may be bringing back the two morning lessons per week model as of August, depending on demand. This is likely to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


  • A big well done to our riders who rode at the Oaklands jumping show on 3 July! It was quite an eventful show… Cailyn Stoyell had her hands full with Steel, but she managed a great second round in the 50cm with him. Shannon Garden took him around the 70cm and did a nice round besides one sneaky duck out! Shannon then did a good round in the 90cm on Mr. H, securing a third place after the jump off. Things got exciting in the 1m class, when H suddenly pulled up lame after the combination.
    We were concerned it was serious and called the vet, all the way from Summerveld. Luckily H was given the all clear and a couple days’ rest. After all that stress he walked out fine the next morning!


  • Shane and I (Shannon H) took part in the DSA FEI Challenge last month (June) and had a very nice show. Legacy and I got a second place in the Elementary Medium champs class – my very first affiliated EM show ever – which I was absolutely thrilled about. Shane on Mr. H went beautifully in the Novice on the first day, but sadly someone fiddled with some umbrellas in the champs class causing H to flip his lid. Well sat, Shane!


  • Shayna Grobler fell in love with Ado a month or so ago and switched her lease from Boston to her new beau. We hope you are loving him, Shayna.


  • Simone van Staden started leasing Joey a couple of months ago, and after an unfortunate spill, her daughter Jamie-Lee has been doing a great job of riding him in Simone’s place. Simone is almost ready to get back into the saddle; we can barely keep her away!


  • Our golden opportunity of getting to half lease a horse for R1600 sadly came to an end at the beginning of this year. But do not despair, there are still horses up for half lease for R2200 per month. This includes two self-rides and one lesson. Full lease of one of our present horses here is R3000 (6 days). Thunder, Boston and Max are still up for grabs.


A very happy month of riding to all, until next time!


The Redwoods team



Redwoods newsletter- January 2016


Hello Redwoods riders!

We hope everyone had a wonderful festive season and that 2016 is off to a great start.

Shew, it has been such a busy month at the stables already.


  • Rachel Janse van Vuuren brought her new baby, Romeo, to the yard at the beginning of January, and how lovely it is to have a really young chap gamboling around again! Many, many years of happy riding, Rachel.


  • We very sadly say goodbye to Sharon Bass and Sky of Diamonds, who have moved up to the Hillcrest area for a fresh start after Sharon got engaged to her wonderful partner last year. We wish you all the best guys, you will be missed!


  • Tamryn and Chilli have also just left for Debbie Leyshon’s yard to pursue their showjumping dreams.



  • Jenny Veenstra, a Belgian dressage rider and instructor, taught Shannon on Legacy and Bianca on Honky on 25 January. What a revelation it was to be taught overseas methods. Legacy especially responded beautifully, and has being going like a bomb ever since. We were extremely privileged to have had her at the yard. A huge thank you to Jenny Rencken (Ballito) and Gen McNeil (Shongweni) for making it happen.



  • We also had another visit from former livery and pupil Courtenay Botha recently. Even having just had a pin removed from her hand following breaking it in a fall off her new horse, Agamo, she still rode like a dream. It was lovely to see you Courtenay and we look forward to another visit soon.



  • Redwoods will be undergoing some changes in the next couple of months to join the 21st Shannon and her partner Adam are assisting in getting the admin side a little more jacked up. We will be invoicing everyone for riding and livery every month going forward, just so that we have proper paperwork in place. We aim to have new contracts, indemnities, code of rules, invoice templates and cost schemes signed and up and running by March this year. Please bear with us during this transformational period – our key aim is to offer better, more efficient services, and later to improve yard facilities etc. We are quite excited about the future! Please chat to us should you have any queries as we go along.

As part of this going forward, if making payments for livery, riding or any extras other than in cash, please provide a proof of payment to us so we can better keep track of the account.



  • We are also looking to hire a junior instructor/assistant for the stables, as our dear Bianca Jones will be studying full time from February. She will still be assisting with some lessons and rides in her spare time, especially those wishing to do the Sanesa schools competitions this year. We have had one very promising applicant, but are still taking CVs for the next week or so. If you know of anyone who would be suitable for the position, please ask them to send a CV and cover letter to,. We hope to have this position filled by late Feb.



  • We are still updating our contacts database so that we can get invoices, newsletters and any notices to all more efficiently. Please give on your latest phone and email details, especially your email address, to Shane or Shannon if you have not done so already. There is a clipboard in the club house next to the indemnity forms where you can fill in your details as well.


  • Our golden opportunity of getting to half lease a horse for R1600 has sadly come to an end. But do not despair, there are still horses up for half lease for R2200 per month. This includes two self-rides and one lesson. Full lease is R3000 (6 days). Thunder, Ado and Max are still up for grabs.


A very happy month of riding to all until next time!


The Redwoods team






Redwoods newsletter – December 2015

Hello Redwoods riders!

Can you believe it is the end of the year already!

It has been an interesting month here on the farm.
– Most noteworthy has been the fact that after a mother of a storm we were under water and without power for nearly six days in the second week of December. Some horses had to be moved from their stables due to flooding and clean up work was extensive.
No power meant challenges in getting water for the horses as we run off a borehole, keeping communication lines open – phones laptops etc – without a reliable means of charging up and the most challenging of all to the residents was keeping up our morale!
A huge thank you goes out to our neighbour and surrounding sugar farm manager Grant Dakers for keeping our water tanks full and trying to get the matter fixed.
Also to Karen McRidge for organising a generator and some food and drinking water when things were becoming desperate.
Last but not least we thank the Eskom technicians in the field who heard our pleas and came to our rescue on Sunday 13 December – a memorable day indeed!

– In other news we had a successful and most enjoyable annual Redwoods end of year jumping show on 5 December. Check out the Facebook page for results and pics if you have not seen them yet. A huge thank you goes again to our wonderful prize sponsors and IPSS Medical Rescue who came to check we were safe, as well as everyone who supported the event.

Tamryn Lategan and Chilli jetted off to the SA Champs at Kayalami, Johannesburg. They were selcted for the KZN team in the 80 centimetre class. Tamryn secured a second in the first warm up round, took a tumble in the next, took a pole on the third day only to rally and achieve a fourth in the individual main championship class. The KZN team came second overall. Very well done Tamryn and Chilli!

– Caitlin van Niekerk(check) is back for holday lessons from Johannesburg and has had some exciting jumping lessons with Bianca Jones here this week. She even got to ride the talented Honky over some seriously big fences. It is lovely to see you back and riding so well, Caitlin.

Don’t forget about our lease special, still on until 31 December. Hmm, what a lovely Christmas present… We still have Boston, Max, Ado and Thunder available for lease at the special rate of R1600 per month for a half lease, which includes one lesson per week and a total of three rides per week. A half lease is normally R2200 pm.

-The cost of hay has gone through the roof and it is a scarce resource due to the drought conditions we have been experiencing for about two years now. If you are able to contribute towards hay and upkeep of horses in any way, even helping cut grass, this would be very dearly appreciated.

The yard will be closed for lessons for the Christmas and New Year weeks, but there will be out rides taking place, so keep in touch with Shane about when they are happening.

A very merry and safe Christmas season to you all and we look forward to seeing you for more horsey madness in 2016!

Happy riding!

The Redwoods Team.


Redwoods newsletter – November 2015

Hi all Redwoods riders!

we hope it has been a fabulous month of riding fun for you all.
– This month Tamryn Lategan and Chilli have done exceptionally well in qualifying for the junior KZN jumping team in the 80 centimetres. They will be taking the long trip to Johannesburg to take part in the nationals in December. Well done you two, we are so proud of you, and best of luck!
– We have also welcomed back Bianca Jones’ horse Honky Tonk Girl, who seems thrilled to be reunited with her rider and Redwoods friends. They have quickly got back into the swing of things and had a super dressage lesson with Leanne Cutting last week. The pair will be taking part at the Top Hat dressage show at Shongweni this weekend in the higher Novice classes.
Shane Hopkins will be going to the show as well, taking Steel and H, who have both been rather a handful lately, so we will see how that works out!
– Michelle Kocke and Nikita Vladescu have taken the leap and leased Shobi and Bliss respectively. Congrats guys, we wish you wonderful partnerships with these stunning horses. We still have Boston, Max, Ado and Thunder available for lease at the special rate of R1600 per month for a half lease, which includes one lesson per week and a total of three rides per week. A half lease is normally R2200 pm. Offer ends at the end of December.
– Rachel Janse van Vuuren has joined the horse owner ranks and has taken on a young gelding, Romeo, from Sandra McMurchie’s yard. He will be arriving at Redwoods soon.
Redwoods finally has a website again! There is still lots of site building to do, but the basics are there. We will be publishing the newsletters, our photos and other relevant info on the site. When you get a chance, go check it out, if you are not viewing the newsletter here of course –


Don’t forget: –
– Our end of year jumping show will take place on 5 December, due to so much going on on 28 November, so please do join us! We are gathering prizes slowly but surely – please let us know if you are able to sponsor anything big or small.
– Summer is here with a bang, so please remember to cool your horses down well after riding. Do a nice cool down walk and a quick hose if they are very sweaty, or just a good grooming to smooth their coats if not. We are in a drought and are cannot be sure about the water levels in the borehole , so please use water wisely. Please also remember to put tack away neatly where you found it.
– Redwoods will be closed for lessons from about the 16th December to about the 7th January 2016, depending on demand. There will be out rides still if you would like to join, contact Shane for details.



Happy riding until next time,
– The Redwoods team


p.s. if you have any news for us for the newsletters going forward, drop me, Shannon H, a line at – if you don’t see me around the yard!




Redwoods newsletter. October 2015

Hi all Redwoods Riding Centre riders!

Welcome to the very first Redwoods news letter that we will be sending out monthly to keep everyone abreast of our happenings and notices.
Here goes! –
– We are updating our contacts database so that we can get this letter and any other notices to all more efficiently. Please give your latest phone and email details to Rachel Janse van Vuuren on or 082 409 5129.
– Please save the date for our annual Christmas jumping show on 5 December. This is always loads of fun and we there will be some amazing prizes up for grabs! Details and entry forms to follow shortly.
– We also have an amazing special on half leases if you start before the end of the year. We are offering R1600 per month for a half lease, which includes one lesson per week and a total of three rides per week. A half lease is normally R2200 pm. This is an amazing opportunity to create a bond with a horse, to learn more and to improve your riding. Horses available for half lease are Shobe, Ado, Max and Boston.
We would also like to take this opportunity to refresh riders on the way we work, as we have discovered some people are not in the know.
Please see a few points below: –

1) Redwoods routine
The Redwoods routine is structured for the utmost safety and comfort of our horses. African Horse Sickness is a very real risk, and our vets do not recommend horses be out before 8am or after 4pm. The virus is caused by insects that are usually out early or late in the day. The horses are also fed breakfast at 7am, lunch between 12 and 1pm and supper at 4pm. Thus riding at or near these times is only as per special arrangement.

2) Rates
Our rates for lessons are R180 per hour group, R120 per half hour group and R250 per private lesson. Any and all self rides are R100. Livery is R3500 full livery including up to 5kg of feed per day, R3000 excluding feed and R2800 per pony. Payment in advance before on the first of each month is preferred. Should any payments in arrears not be made within three months of such notification, the candidate will be asked to leave the centre. Full lease is R3000 (6 days), half R1600 (3 days including 1 lesson).

3) Punctuallity and missed rides
We implore riders to be present at least 20 minutes before your lesson time so that afternoon rides run smoothly. Failure to arrive on time will result on your missing part or all of your lesson depending on arrival time. If you do not arrive for lessons without prior notice od absence, you will be liable to pay in full for that missed lesson as a horse and instructor will still have been provided. We continue to teach as per usual during school holidays, unless otherwise specified, so please inform us if you will be going way or taking a break from extra curricular activities.

4) Tack
We provide saddles, bridles, numnahs, back pads, brushes, fly spray, lungeing gear etc to those having lessons. Please make sure all is returned to the spot you found it after use. If you are not sure where an item goes, ask Shane, Rachel, Shannon or Florence. We will be re-labelling all for your convenience in the coming weeks.

5) Outside instructors
If you are having a lesson on your own horse with another instructor, we charge a levy for use of the grounds at R50 per lesson. An extra charge of R50 will also be required should you need staff to help build jumps etc. You may have to share an arena with another lesson as often both arenas are busy in the afternoons.

6) Shows
Use of Redwoods horses for shows must be discussed with owners before entries are made. A charge of R250 for the use of the horse for the day is applicable. Trailer hire and other travelling costs may also apply and can be discussed as per individual show needs.

7) Day visits
Parents like to bring their children to spend the day at the stables sometimes, especially during the holidays. This must be discussed beforehand as sometimes there is no instructor or manager on the premises to supervise. There is also a charge of R100 levy for the use of the grounds and our supervision.

Best regards,

The Redwoods team