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Shoe Shine – 

A Redwoods Riding Centre/Inkanyiso School Shoe and Sports Development Project.

*Give them a pair of shoes plus a chance to ride a pony for the very first time.


Redwoods Riding centre and Inkanyiso shoes would like to invite the North Coast equestrian community, as well as businesses, schools, communities and individuals, to be a part of our unique, dynamic and progressive programme.


What is Shoe Shine all about?

Around 3 million children in South Africa cannot afford school shoes, and must walk to school either in the bitter cold or on blazing asphalt. Getting going just in time for Christmas 2016, the Redwoods Riding Centre/Inkanyiso School Shoe and Sports Development Project is to be an ongoing, dynamic initiative aimed at a dual function.

  • Alleviating the lack of school shoes by getting aid from communities, businesses and individuals to help supply quality yet well-priced school shoes to poorer children;


  • as well as allowing selected candidates the opportunity to learn to ride a horse in a one-year programme – something that many many children would never normally have the chance to do.

This is an exceptional project and we hope to see it assisting in developing communities in a variety of expansive ways over time.

Who are we?

Redwoods Riding Centre is a Ballito-based, family run equestrian centre. A Hopkins family operation of about 20 or more years, Redwoods offers horse riding tuition and trails, as well as a number of different options.

Inkanyiso School Shoes is a start-up venture, founded by Doringkop-based entrepreneur Nkanyiso Mngoma, aimed at creating and supplying cheaper and yet quality school shoes to less fortunate children, thereby creating a better tomorrow.

Our vision

Our vision is to put shoes on the feet of our children, and to develop horse riders from less fortunate communities. While children do get the chance to learn sports like soccer and cricket, amongst others, sports like horse riding are out of their reach. We would like to start to change that.

How does it work?

Help make a difference and buy one or more pairs of school shoes for a child for R200 each. A portion of the proceeds will go towards horse riding tuition as well as a meal for the candidate after each weekly riding class.

We will be engaging with schools in the Doringkop area in order to make a selection of candidates to learn to ride in the coming 2017 year.

Who do I contact for more information or to make donations?

Contact Shannon Hopkins on 083 301 5532 or email Shannon.hopkinsnc@gmail.com, or Nkanyiso on 081 770 0917 / 078 540 7052 or email nkanyiso@ekamubrands.co.za.


Website:  https://redwoodsridingballito.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redwoodsriding/


Call:  081 770 0917 / 078 540 7052

E-Mail: nkanyiso@ekamubrands.co.za


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